Tiger Eye & Labradorite Crystal Necklace (Silver Plated White Copper Necklace)

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This is stone; most often associated with the stable and steady earth sign of Capricorn, is quite special on many levels. Alluring and enchanting to simply look at, it is filled with lines that seem to rise out of the stone like a hologram or extra-dimensional effect which truly make it a one of a kind gemstone. Gazing at this stone from different angles evokes a sense of wonder, awe, and even magic. Tiger’s eye is a grounding stone and is said to help in physical and psychological balance. What’s more, it is a stone that helps in discernment and clear vision, which is all important in any life or spiritual path. Tiger’s eye looks great in any type of craft, decoration, jewellery, or simply as a stone carried on your person or in your car, office, or home. This stone is often used to help in alleviating conditions such as asthma, depression, and financial trouble. Its colors are a mix of light and dark brown plus gold though this stone also comes in a mix of natural blue, grey and black which are known as Blue Tiger’s Eye. 


Welcome to the stone of magic! This blue-green stone comes in many shades and forms and resembles in its lighter colors some opals. Labradorite can be said to be a poster stone for crystal healing and magic because it is connected to helping in all things mystical. Some of these include dream recall, premonition and divination, past life recall, and in gaining spiritual knowledge of self and its past, present circumstance, and future destiny. With capabilities like that, one can hardly go without a piece of this gemstone. Labradorite is used sometimes by Reiki practitioner's as it is said to assist in transferring energy from the healer’s hands to the client’s body. It is no wonder the chakras this stone is associated with most often are the throat and crown because these are higher and more mystical chakras, and this is regarded as such a magical stone. People born under the sign of Cancer are said to be drawn to Labradorite the most, yet of course anyone can use and enjoy this wonderful substance.

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