Loose Tumbled Green Agate Crystal Stone

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Helps With: Stability, Persistence, Grounding

Chakra: Heart & Root

Green Agate is said to help bring abundance, success and Emotional healing

Green agate is a type of quartz that usually comes in a very dark hue. There are several types of agate for this stone comes in the most numerous colors, shapes, and sizes. Green agate is often associated with the heart chakra and love but is also appreciated and used for positive attributes such as hope, health, and prosperity of all kinds. Sometimes associated with tree agate or moss agate, which has white and grey shapes inside of it that resemble trees and even whole forests, green agate is often used as beads and in jewellery of all sorts. This stone is also said to help bring harmony to a person who wears or carries it, and to those around them. Kept in the home, this stone will influence its environment in a beneficial way because of its grounding, soothing, and healing colors.

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