Loose Tumbled Shungite Crystal Stone

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Found only in Russia, this is a recently discovered stone. Its beautiful black color has a luster that can resemble a mirror or clear lake. Shungite is often said to be one of the more powerful stones available to rock hounds and crystal healers alike. Its power can resemble Malachite, another intense stone. Shungite could have possibly come from an old volcano, or even from outer space. Many people have used Shungite water to treat ailments and conditions from skin diseases to heart problems and allergies, but it is especially known to help the eyes. This stone is sometimes called ‘the miracle stone,’ and the previous generations near the lake in Russia where it was found knew well of its various healing qualities. Shungite is one of the stones associated with the base or root chakra and is therefore said to be good for grounding. This stone can also help protect a person, home, or office from EMF and harmful, discordant radio and electronic patterns that pollute our air.

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