Loose Tumbled Rose Quartz Crystal Stone

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The stone of love, rose quartz is one of the most popular gemstones in existence. Its beautiful shades come in different hues such as light and gentle pinks all the way to deep and textured dark red. Rose quartz is not only the stone of romantic love, but represents and assists in all types of love such as the love between friends. The astrological sign it represents is Taurus, which is steady, faithful, and intelligent. Rose quartz is a suitable gift for any time or occasion, especially the fifth wedding anniversary. It can be found as a decoration in gardens, as gorgeous jewellery such as earrings and bracelets, and in more esoteric tools such as wands and pendulums. It assists in the healing of all cardiovascular issues and aids in the health of the thymus, the heart, and is good for respiratory health and physical balance. Rose quartz is admired by healers and crystal workers, but is also appreciated by most anyone for its simple and elegant beauty as a piece of jewellery or a decorative stone to keep close by for inspiration.

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