Loose Tumbled Opal Crystal Stone

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Opal is one of the stones that are fun, exciting, and colorful. It is mainly from Australia, but has been found in other parts of the world. When most people think of opal, it is in jewellery such as rings and necklaces, but can also be used out of jewellery, and carried or gifted as a single stand alone piece. This is one of the stones whose benefits are as varied and multi-faceted as the colors and shapes it comes in. Most often associated with the hearth chakra, opal comes in colors such as blue, pink, clear, and muli-colored. Opal is said to calm the nerves, release emotional baggage, help with dreams, connect one to Source, assist in life’s changes and transitions big and small, help people develop creative powers, and more. Opal is the birthstone for the sign of Libra, and is most often associated with the month of October. Opal is a stone that is valued equally for its crystal healing powers and uses in spiritual work and for its simple and elegant beauty in crafts and ornaments. 

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