Loose Tumbled Moonstone Crystal Stone

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This is a gentle, almost whimsical stone. Its zodiac sign is Cancer, the Crab, which is a nurturing water sign. It’s no wonder that this Moonstone has also been associated with the sea, and protection for those traveling over water. The stone’s quiet and still beauty can remind one of the solitary and quiet moon that watches over the ocean and its tides. Moonstone is generally a woman’s stone, but can also be used by men trying to work on getting in touch with their feminine and nurturing aspects. This stone also comes in rainbow, yellow, peach, grey, and blue. Moonstone can aid in telling the future, helping alleviate sleeping problems such as bad dreams and insomnia, and is even said to help activate the kundalini energy in women. A stone of insight, it is associated with the crown chakra. Moonstone strongly resembles crystal balls, and can also be used for scrying because of its sensitive and clear surface. The black lines of some pieces moonstone are said to help in healing relationships in general. Though moonstone has these uses and more, including helping women during pregnancy, the stone is on a simply decorative level a beautiful gem for crafting, jewellery design or gifting. Moonstone of any size, shape, or color makes a great gift for a rock hound, a crystal enthusiast, or for any family member or friend.

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