Loose Tumbled Citrine Crystal Stone

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Citrine is a sister stone to Amethyst because they belong to the same quartz family. A wonderfully vibrant stone to look at or work with, its name comes from the word meaning lemon. Sometimes citrine is heated in order to give it a deeper orange and deeper yellow look. This stone is popular in feng shui and for jewellery making because it helps a household acquire financial abundance and also looks good as a piece in any bracelet, anklet, ring, earring, or necklace. Citrine is often called ‘the merchant’s’ stone and some shop owners have been known to keep a piece near or in their cash register to aid in wealth and good business fortune. This stone is most commonly associated with the solar plexus chakra. The main physical issue citrine helps with is digestion while the psychological or emotional assistance it gives is with self-esteem and gaining greater confidence. Citrine can reflect actual sunlight quite well and when the sun is absent citrine can act like the sun and impart brightness and joy to a room. Perhaps it is for this reason that this stone has often been called the Happy Stone! Citrine comes tumbled, polished, in crystal points, and can be used in cabochons, craft making, or as an interesting gift. Citrine is often carried in purses to help promote abundance and makes is a great stone to give so someone who is perhaps suffering financial troubles or simply wants to make their business grow into a prosperous one with a bright and joyful future.  

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