Loose Tumbled Carnelian Crystal Stone

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This beautiful stone is one that many cultures, countries, and religions have used through the centuries. The groups that have used carnelian for healing or ornamentation include but are not limited to The Romans, The Egyptians, and also Buddhists. Not only has this stone been widely admired by diverse types of groups and peoples, it is a stone that is associated in one way or another with many healing qualities and uses. The chief area that carnelian can assist with is creativity. Perhaps this is because of its energetic color. It comes in everything from a bright orange to a deep, almost reddish brown hue. Carnelian has earned the right to be termed an ‘all purpose stone’. It has been said to help with issues as varied as the fear of death and transition to the afterlife, to physical, mental, and spiritual protection from harm, raising self-esteem, finding and maintaining focus, and healing emotional wounds such as depression and grief. Carnelian is said to be the stone of actors and public speakers, as it aids in helping one remember lines. It also increases sexual energy. Carnelian is most often associated with the sign of Aries, which is a fire sign. With a stone as diverse, interesting, and colorful as Carnelian, you can’t go wrong.

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