Himalayan Salt Lamp (Medium)

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Salt lamps are wonderful ways to add beauty to your home or office and also make for great gifts for friends or family members. These lamps add uniqueness and individuality to any home they are placed in. They are often used as soulful nightlights and their glow is steady and soothing. Very popular by those who like them for decoration and also those who seek out their healing benefits, salt lamps are all unique and affordable. Salt itself is a purifying agent and helps cleanse difficulties and denseness from environments. The negative ions that are associated with salt lamps are said to neutralize electromagnetic radiation and clean the air of a room. Salt lamps also aid in helping focus, promoting calmness, stillness, centeredness and relaxation. Because of the soft and understated glow they give off, the rooms they are placed in becoming more welcoming and warm. Salt lamps are said to help reduce stress, allergies, and mental confusion. They represent the intention for an earthier, holistic, and ‘green’ or natural way of living. Since these lamps come in all shapes and sizes, there is always one that is just right for you.

  • Medium Lamps are most suitable for large bedroom and living rooms
  • Size: 7"-9" Tall
  • Weight: 9-11lbs
  • Bulb Size: 15watts (for Medium Lamps)



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