Attar Fragrance Incense Oil

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Nandita Pure and Natural Incense oil
Free from Alcohol Content: 8ml

Attar Roll On - Incense Oil
Mysterious and precious substances used in perfumery and meditation use.

There's nothing more captivating than a scent that literally turns heads. Evoking images of a tropical paradise, Nandita is a gardenia-based blend of Incense oils. This fabulous roll-on Incense oil changes according to your body chemistry - so it smells great on everyone! Each Incense oil has an intense, yet variable scent with a wide range of notes. A depth of tunes are played by this Incense oil and it matures after wearing, especially in the evening, into a sophisticated and sparkling aroma. A truly wonderful gift for someone you love. A few drops of these can lighten your life, lift your mood, or create an atmosphere for your room that will be out of this world. Oil can be used in diffuser candle and potpourri.

Listed Below are some suggested applications

Candles: 10-15 drops, Potpourri: 10-15 drops
Diffuser: 10 drops in lamp diffuser: add water to 3/4 full

Always keep bottles tightly closed to avoid extrapolation
Not for Medicinal use For External Use Only.
These Natural Incense Oil are for external use only.
Keep away from children and pets



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