Loose Tumbled Blue Lace Agate Crystal Stone

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Helps With: Communication, Connect to the Angelic Realms, Public Speaking

Chakra:  Throat

This beautiful stone is one of the truly mystical and ‘higher’ stones. Though it can help soothe all the chakras and emotions, it is widely regarded as a throat chakra stone. It is for this reason that blue lace agate can assist in commutation issues such as public speaking, conversations, and connecting with others through creative stories. Blue lace agate is also known as a stone that helps one connect to the angelic realms and to experience a higher vision of existence. This is commonly referred to as the stone of Gemini, which itself is an airy, mercurial, and lofty sign that values high ideals and communication. Blue lace agate, though mystical and angelic, is often appreciated simply for its beauty. It is usually very light blue, and has milky, almost dream-like white lines somewhat like chatoyant lines of Tiger’s Eye. Blue lace agate is a must have for the crystal healer and the rock hound alike.

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