Black Obsidian Golden Lion Head Bracelet 8mm-Beads

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Black Obsidian Crystal

 Obsidian comes in black, blue, and even snowflake colors, though black is the most common. This stone is often used through history and even in modern times as a cutting tool for its preciseness and strength. Obsidian is known as a truth stone and helps people find and identify what is really at the heart of a matter, of life, of themselves. Obsidian can be placed on any chakra for help in healing and clearing, though it is mostly associated with the root chakra. Obsidian is said to work quickly and powerfully, exposing the truth and releasing negativity and falsehood. It is a masculine stone, for physical and also spiritual warriors on adventurous and intense pathways, but can be used by anyone interested in truth. Due to its intensity and power, it is often said that those with more experience with crystals use this stone and that a person new to crystals and gemstones should consider a small piece or a gentle and very slow introduction to obsidian.






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