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Words of Enchantment

I call on that which will guide me true as thoughts travel the wind,  in the sky so blue. As feelings glide on future due, to take my essence and travel true. Upon that vast sea of timelessness through unknown space & guided bliss. I wish to feel these things, where thought has but seen in dreams. In freedom of will and love & care, so long it harms none, take me there. I bind thee with a three-fold flare, so mote it be who travel there.  
Blessed Herbal Candles are Made When the Moon is Right 

Magic is not from an external source, but from deep within. We designed this candle to help you find that inner wisdom, lighting this candle and visualizing your goal is a commitment to your success. Remember, the sand seeds of magic are found within your imagination and planted in your deeds. We wish you a bright path and a joyous journey.

Candle Safety:

Always place the candle in an appropriate candle holder, and never leave a burning candle unattended! Remove all labeling before lighting. This candle drips! Burn in a heat safe container that holds at least 2 liquid cups. Keep that holder off of delicate surfaces. Trim wick to 1/4" and burn for 3 hours at a time for optimal candle life.

Size: 7." x 1
Weight: (200g) (0.45lbs)



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