Loose Tumbled Clear Quartz Crystal Stone

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Clear quartz is all purpose and is used to make everything from pendulums to earrings and all things in between. Clear quartz is said to be associated with all signs and all chakras. This is because its uses are so broad. It can be used on its own for healing, clearing, learning, and progressing on the healing and spiritual paths in general, and also in conjunction with other stones. Clear quartz is an amplifier and also is said to remember intentions and events and imagery. This means that it will increase the power of other stones, and also increase, for instance, the power and strength of the owner or healer’s intention. If you want a more powerful second or astral body, clear quartz will assist in this. If you simply desire more harmonization in everyday life, clear quartz help in that. Found all over the world in various forms, clear quartz was said to be used for healing and harnessing power by ancient cultures, groups, and tribes of all kinds. It is even said that the inhabitants of Atlantis used Clear Quartz crystals as a main energy source.

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